About Us

Mission Statement

The objective of the group is to enable patient representatives, from each of the Patient Participation Groups, (PPGs), within the East Staffordshire area, to come together and discuss areas of good practice and those of concern so that meaningful discussion can be held across the whole spectrum of East Staffordshire GP surgeries. This expectantly will lead to the provision of consistent high quality medical care and services for all patients within East Staffordshire.

What are the Aims of the Group?

To be a forum for discussion on both good practice and that of concern that may exist within the different surgeries within East Staffordshire.

To provide assistance to those PPGs who are just starting up and wish to learn / have input from those already established groups.

To promote PPGs to meet with other like-minded patients of their surgery, the doctors and practice staff, to encourage the wellbeing of patients and support the practice to provide a high quality of care and service.

A forum where policies and decisions issued by the East and South East Clinical Commissioning Group, (ESECCG) and other outside bodies can be discussed with concerns or otherwise being sent up to the ESCCG Patient Board who, after discussion, can add their comments and feed through to the ESECCG Board. The opposite can also happen with the ESECCG passing down information that they would welcome the patient perspective / views.